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October 17–19, San Francisco, CA

SQ1 CON 2019—


Advanced Design began in 2016 as a summer workshop for 15 design students to hone skills outside of the classroom about design topics such as: rapid visualization; visual communication; marker rendering; understanding hierarchy; product relationship; sketching techniques; speed and efficient techniques; and how to use sketching as a thought process. These weekly workshops were held at the UIC Innovation Center and sponsored by the IDSA Chicago Chapter.

Each session provided an opportunity for students to interact with design professionals either in person or via video conference. These professional designers shared their secrets of the trade and answered questions from students about the design scene in which they made a name for themselves. Advanced Design now collaborates with over 50 plus professional designers, students, design studios, design educators, etc. from across the world - and have a presence in both Milwaukee and Chicago.  


A podcast space where laid back conversations on design, life, and everything in-between happen. Join us while we hold inclusive discussions regarding career backgrounds, special projects, and experiences of contemporary designers actively working in different industries— from newcomers on the google design scene to sex toy design CEOs. Sometimes additional context serves as food for thought.



Advanced Design is a non-for-profit 5013(c) organization. All of our events are free to the design community. Our goal is to bring awareness to a plethora of topics within design sketching. Our leaders work tirelessly to bring you the best designers the industry can offer. Your donation will allow us to plan for future events and conferences. Your support is much appreciated.