An annual design conference built to support and bridge creatives globally.

Welcome to the SquareOne design conference! Dive into how modern tools are shaping industrial design and education. Explore tomorrow's design world, filled with advanced objects, revolutionary graphics, and innovative teaching methods.

Join talks with top industry figures and educators on the future of design, understanding the impact of the latest tools and tech. Take part in workshops, panels, and keynotes that expand your design horizons. Learn how to use new tools to boost your creativity and embrace the tech-driven future.


Square One

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Since Day One

Advanced Design’s mission has been to partner with the design community to identify and fill gaps in design education. Our Initiatives form the backbone of this mission, bringing design students and design industry together to inspire and build synergy between the two. AD aims to dismantle traditional bureaucratic models and operates more akin to a co-op than traditional academia and professional organizations. Each member is encouraged to bring their own unique perspectives, insights, and observations and create initiatives to serve and deepen our connections to the design community.

AdvancedDesign is a nonprofit organization that runs on the help of the community.


Every year we partner with major industry and design leaders to collaborate on events and new initiative activities for the design community. Advanced Design’s work would not be possible without the unwavering support of our industry partners and friends.Want to learn more about how you can support us and where your donation will go?


© 2023 AdvancedDesign
A 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization.
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© 2023 AdvancedDesign
A 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization. 
EIN# 82-1720724