Breaking In

Taught by Amina Horozić

Aimed at entry- to junior-level Industrial Designers who may feel insecure about their portfolio, presentation, and interview skills. Learn how to decide on what is your story, what content to include, how to present the narrative, and how to be ready for difficult questions. With guest lectures and mock interviews, the course aims to build the young designers’ confidence to match their stellar portfolio. The purpose of the course is to provide the participants with focused information and attention as well as practical skills and training, which they can use on their own time to review and revise their existing portfolios.

Amina Horozić is an award-winning industrial designer, design strategist and a creative consultant. She specializes in object design for luxury and craft for both small and large-scale international clients, her work spanning across the industry sectors. In 2018, she expanded her practice as an interdisciplinary creative artist through limited-edition drawings and handcrafted objects. Amina’s creative approach starts with meticulous research of technical processes and cultures, combining the findings with her passion for materials and craftsmanship to create meaningful and lasting expressions. Her collections are ongoing meditations on the dialogue between the artisan and the material. Amina was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and moved to the United States as a refugee in 1994. She currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Course Breakdown


Intro + Expectations (based on discussion, I may adjust the course to fit the needs)
What’s the Story: How to decide on portfolio content
Visual Design: How to decide on the layout + information hierarchy - Guest Lecture
Interviews: How to speak about yourself and your work
Interviews: What Works, What Doesn’t - Guest Lecture/Discussion
Share Existing Portfolios with Feedback and Critique, Part I (20 mins each)
Share Existing Portfolios with Feedback and Critique, Part II (20 mins each)
1:1 Mock Interviews with Guest(s) + Feedback, Part I / Group Discussion
1:1 Mock Interviews with Guest(s) + Feedback, Part II / Group Discussion
Summary + Final Discussion/Q+A

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