Advanced Visualization Methods

Taught by Spencer Nugent

In this class, students will learn advanced methods to visualize concepts and create high-impact product design presentations using various apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Fresco, Firefly, Procreate on iPad Pro, and Vizcom. The course aims to enhance students' presentation skills through a combination of hand-drawing techniques and the use of emerging technologies. To gain the most from this course, students need to commit to daily practice and consistent effort.

Key points of instruction will include tips to work more efficiently when generating ideas for presentations. For this course, students need access to a computer with, Adobe CC, Adobe Firefly or similar service, a drawing tablet like Wacom Cintiq, and an iPad (or similar) with Procreate or a similar app installed.

Experience Level: Advanced

Spencer Nugent, a Jamaica-born creator and educator based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the founder of and IDSKETCHING.COM. Since 2008, he's been providing free high-quality design sketching tutorials online and in person. His daily YouTube streams on "Sketch-A-Day LIVE" and his Instagram account reflect his passion for creation and drawing.

Spencer has a rich professional background, having worked at General Motors, Astro Studios, and running his own design consultancy, Studio Tminus. He's collaborated with high-profile brands like Microsoft, Adidas, and Motorola. His expertise has taken him to lead workshops at Adidas HQ, Apple Retail, and Adobe MAX, among others.

In 2020, he received an achievement award from the Industrial Design Society of America for his dedication to industrial design education through online content. Currently, he operates his design lab,, where he balances personal projects with client work.

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