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Spencer Nugent

This course is dedicated to teaching students how to transform their design concepts into 3D models using Autodesk Fusion 360, the industry-standard CAD software. Although students may be familiar with other 3D applications, this class emphasizes learning and mastering Fusion 360 to meet specific skill requirements in industrial design. The key focus areas of the course will be grasping the interplay between 2D and 3D objects, including understanding of planes and geometry.

Offsite Student

Offsite Student is designed for beginners, meaning that individuals without a design background are eligible and encouraged to enroll in this course.


Tuesday 6–9pm CST

Learning Outcomes

  • Effective Design Communication: Utilize CAD to vividly convey design intent, showcasing volume, function, and aesthetics.

  • Creative Integration: Merge various methodologies and strategies to create unique, functional, and visually appealing designs.

  • Skill Mastery: Develop proficiency in Fusion 360, including its tools and processes, along with fundamental concepts of CAD work.
  • Design Problem Solving: Enhance abilities to resolve design issues, effectively translating sketches and drawings into functional models.

  • Personal Growth: Explore and identify your preferred learning styles and working methods.

  • Progress Assessment: Engage in critiquing your own and peers' work, tracking progress towards the set objectives during feedback sessions and beyond.

Spencer Nugent

Spencer Nugent, originally from Jamaica and now an educator and creator in Salt Lake City, Utah, established and IDSKETCHING.COM. Since 2008, he has been offering free, high-quality design sketching tutorials, both online and in person. His commitment to design and drawing is evident through his daily YouTube streams on "Sketch-A-Day LIVE" and his Instagram posts.
Professionally, Spencer has an extensive background, with experience at General Motors, Astro Studios, and his own design consultancy, Studio Tminus. He has worked with major brands like Microsoft, Adidas, and Motorola, and has led workshops at prestigious venues such as Adidas HQ, Apple Retail, and Adobe MAX.

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