Real World Sketching

Kelly Custer

The demands of the real-world design industry go beyond what you've learned so far. It's not about producing impressive sketches, but about generating solid ideas. The focus isn't on the time spent on a sketch, but on the volume of ideas you can create. It's not about individual glory; it’s about collaborating across disciplines to craft the best products.

With over 13 years of experience in sketching, I'm here to elevate your skills.
In this class, we'll thoroughly explore the effective use of sketching within the design industry, focusing on what, when, and how to sketch productively. You'll learn and practice sketching techniques that enhance your design quality while making your creative process more efficient. By the end of this course, you'll understand how to employ sketching as a tool for collaboration, communication, and developing great ideas in the product development cycle, all while reducing your sketching apprehension.

Offsite Pro

Offsite Pro is designed for individuals with design experience, meaning with a prior design education are eligible and encouraged to enroll in this course.


Wednesday 5-8pm CST

Learning Outcomes

  • Sketching Confidence: Shed any nervousness and develop a natural inclination towards sketching.

  • Idea Generation & Enhancement: Master the art of creating and refining valuable ideas.

  • Effective Visual Communication: Skillfully convey concepts in a clear, visual manner.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Learn to collaborate effectively with various disciplines for superior product design.

  • Time-Saving Techniques: Choose the right strategies and methods for greater efficiency.

  • Skill Improvement: Enhance your sketching abilities through consistent practice and practical application.

Kelly Custer

Kelly Custer, as the Founder and Design Director of Knack, leads an industrial design and innovation studio situated in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her background in transportation design highlighted the importance of sketching as a powerful communication tool, a skill she has extensively utilized in her corporate and consulting roles to assist companies in designing superior products.

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