Tyler Anderson
Jack Marple

Workflow is an intensive 10-week course tailored for those eager to excel in CAD and visualization, with a specific focus on Keyshot and rapid-surfacing modeling as key aspects of the design journey. The course spans all design stages, from initial sketches to polished final presentations. Students will delve into composition and lighting best practices, master materialization techniques, and hone their presentation skills.

A distinctive element of Workflow is its accelerated studio project, where students emulate a live studio environment, replicating the dynamics of a professional team (Tyler and Jack) in their projects. This practical experience not only deepens learning but also prepares them for the collaborative and swift pace of the design world.
The course consistently emphasizes the integration of CAD and visualization throughout the design process. Students will learn and apply methods to boost both their creativity and efficiency, culminating in impactful and professionally refined presentations. Studio 3D provides a comprehensive understanding of the entire design process, equipping students with skills essential for meeting the challenges of the design industry.

Offsite Pro

Offsite Pro is designed for individuals with design experience, meaning with a prior design education are eligible and encouraged to enroll in this course.


W1- W4
Tuesday & Thursda 3PM - 4PM CST

W5 - 10
Thursday 3-5pm CST

Learning Outcomes

  • Professional Presentation: Mastering the art of delivering polished and impactful presentations.

  • Concept Communication: Effectively conveying ideas and concepts in a clear and engaging manner.

  • Efficiency: Streamlining processes for more productive and time-effective outcomes.
  • Discretion & Critique: Applying thoughtful judgment and constructive feedback in evaluations.

  • Concept Refinement: Honing and perfecting ideas for enhanced clarity and impact.

Tyler Anderson

Tyler Anderson, an accomplished industrial designer based in Los Angeles, has been at the helm of Render Weekly since 2018 and oversees his own design practice, Sample Studio. With over four years of experience at Enlisted Design, where he collaborated with his fellow instructor, Jack Marple, Tyler has an extensive background in the industry. His work features partnerships with renowned brands such as Skullcandy, Netgear, Arc Boats, Allbirds, among others.
In the design course he co-teaches, Tyler blends his hands-on industry knowledge with innovative educational techniques, providing students with a deep dive into real-world design practices. His teaching focuses on equipping students with practical skills and fostering creativity, establishing him as a notable figure in the realm of design education.

Jack Marple

Jack Marple is an industrial designer based in Salt Lake City with experience ranging from home goods and consumer electronics to transportation and furniture. Jack is currently an Associate Design Director at Enlisted Design, where he has contributed to and led major industrial design and development programs for clients both large and small. Jack also runs an independent design and art practice under the moniker Orchestra. His experience includes collaborations with Allbirds, Amazon, Boeing, Mr Beast, Arc Boats, Ugmonk and others. 
Jack has enjoyed being part of Offsite for the past 3 years and teaching alongside his co-instructor, Tyler Anderson. Together, they have refined their class to act as a focused accelerator for the students involved. Jack is passionate about helping to lift the rising generation of designers and give them the tools they need to succeed in an ever changing, competitive design industry.

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