Samantha Noyes

Samantha Noyes founded the Portland-based creative agency, Studio Noyes, over a decade ago–and boasts more than 13 years of experience in footwear and design. With a focus on footwear, innovation and accelerating growth in all product spaces, Samantha and her team provide a comprehensive experience for their clients, from design ideation, product development, marketing, brand storytelling and so much more.

Samantha leads a dynamic team of creatives who question the unquestionable, approaching every challenge with agility and intention to deliver creative solutions that push boundaries and champion change.

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Samantha lived in LA before settling in Portland, Oregon, where she’s called home for the past 10 years. Her early years of studying and playing music ignited a passion for creativity and problem-solving that has shaped her approach to design and breaking boundaries to this day.

When she’s not in the office, Samantha leans into her passion for adventure by exploring new cities and cultures, discovering scenic running routes and practicing yoga. She’s an avid learner, always seeking out new opportunities to grow and expand her horizons.

Samantha’s dedication to innovation, creativity, and purposeful design is at the heart of everything she does, both professionally and personally–even when she’s having some fun sketching footwear from her favorite iconic cartoon characters.

Studio Noyes

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