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Michael Ditullo

As a novice designer, I was often puzzled by the selection criteria used by upper management in choosing which concepts to develop and which to discard. I couldn't understand why some projects, rich in innovative ideas and research insights, were canceled, while others sailed smoothly into production. Similarly, I observed disparities in career progression among designers of equal talent, with some advancing rapidly and others stagnating. Over my 25-year career, I've unraveled these mysteries and am eager to share these insights with you.
This class is designed to teach you how to present and structure your concepts in a manner that resonates with corporate decision-makers, thereby enhancing the likelihood of your ideas being realized and boosting your career progression. You'll learn about the business structure, the impact of various disciplines on design decisions, and how businesses evaluate design success. This knowledge will empower you to not only impress but also influence key figures in your field. Design is inherently linked to business, yet our education often overlooks this aspect. In this course, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between design and business, equipping you with the insights you've always wanted to know.

Offsite Pro

Offsite Pro is designed for individuals with design experience, meaning with a prior design education are eligible and encouraged to enroll in this course.


Monday 3-5pm CST

Learning Outcomes

  • Learning the criteria businesses use to evaluate the success of a design.

  • Grasping the various organizational structures of businesses and their impact on design results.

  • Exploring the history of design and business since 1945, including influential designers who have shaped the business world.

  • Utilizing marketing data to support and champion innovative design solutions.
  • Navigating and influencing corporate design language guidelines effectively.

  • Developing skills in creating and assessing proposals, quoting projects, and determining an appropriate hourly rate.

  • Strategies for engaging with executives and ensuring your ideas are taken seriously.

Michael DiTullo

Michael DiTullo is a renowned designer with over 20 years of experience, creating iconic products for some of the world's top brands, including Nike, Google, Honda, Timex, Chantal, Converse, Motorola, Salesforce, Hasbro, Arc Electric Boats, and Kirei. Before founding his own design studio, he was the Chief Design Officer at Sound United, overseeing various aspects including industrial design and marketing creative for brands like Denon, Marantz, Polk, and Definitive Technology. His career also includes significant roles as a creative director at frog design's San Francisco studio and a near-decade at Nike, where he collaborated directly with sports legends like Michael Jordan and Dwayne Wade.
DiTullo has been an active member in the design community, serving on the SFMoMA accessions board and the board of directors for The Design Museum Everywhere. His work, celebrated in numerous awards and features in publications such as Metropolis and Wallpaper, also appears in books like “Dieter Rams: As Little Design As Possible” and “Breaking In”. Additionally, he authored “365: One Year Of Design Sketching Every Day” and founded “Real Designers Ship”, an organization that honors designers whose work reaches production. Michael holds over 30 patents and has received several accolades, including a special lifetime achievement award from IDSA, putting him in the company of design greats such as Jonathan Ive and Charles Eames.

Since declaring at 13 that he wanted to "draw stuff from the future" for a living, Michael continues to fulfill this vision through his impactful work in design.

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