Dominic Montante

Most academic programs in college and university settings stop short of what constitutes real-world industrial design: the process of manufacturing a product. Often, student projects are creative but lack the practical understanding of manufacturing needed to make a product market-ready. Manufacturing introduces various practical and cost constraints that significantly influence a product's final design. However, integrating manufacturability early in the design process gives designers greater control over the final outcome. This course teaches students what it takes to transform an idea into a tangible product.
Students will cover the fundamentals of manufacturing across materials like plastics, metals, glass, ceramics, and wood. They will learn about basic regulatory constraints, the process of patenting and protecting intellectual property, packaging considerations, and the impact of cost on product expectations. The course culminates in students applying their knowledge to create simulated documentation for vendor quotations.

Offsite Pro

Offsite Pro is designed for individuals with design experience, meaning with a prior design education are eligible and encouraged to enroll in this course.


Tuesday & Thursday 1-2pm CST

Learning Outcomes

  • Gaining insight into real-world product development and manufacturing processes.

  • Learning about common materials and manufacturing processes for mass production.

  • Skills in preparing materials for quotes and effective communication with vendors.

  • Knowledge of the role of manufacturers and engineers in product development.
  • Understanding the economics of fabrication and the impact of cost constraints on design.

  • Awareness of sustainable design practices.

  • Insight into the geopolitics influencing manufacturing.

  • Exploring the future of fabrication and the evolving nature of manufacturing.

Dominic Montante

Dominic Montante, an acclaimed industrial designer, leads a unique, nomadic studio practice called Amunì. His diverse career began at Umbra in Canada, where he developed a variety of housewares and even an instrument. Dominic's experience spans multiple work environments including startups, corporate settings, consulting, and freelancing. His portfolio encompasses a wide range of products such as toys, furniture, medical devices, beauty products, and electronics. A key aspect of his work involves close collaboration with engineers and manufacturers, often taking on roles typically reserved for engineers, to bring his designs to life. Dominic finds great joy in visiting factories, believing the most thrilling part of the design process is the moment he can physically hold his finished product.

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