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Fill the Gaps

Electives is a 10-week long, individual courses, outside of our usual Cohort program, that take you deeper into areas of specialization. These courses are designed to be supplemental to your core design education and allow you to pick and choose your own design development path. We’re starting with four course offerings: CMF: From Forecasting to Finishes, Sites: Running on Cargo, Form and Human Function and Unblock: How UX opens ID Pathways, with many more to come. You can take one, two, three, or all four; your design education is in your hands.

August 19 — Courses Open

September 19 — Instruction Begins

November 25 — Program Concludes

Courses Open
AUG 19

No application needed, there are 60 seats available per class, first come basis, once you pay you are in. No vetting, these à la carte classes are at the risk of the student. Payments can be made using Stripe. 

Each class: $600
Bundle (all four): $2,000

What You Get

  • A certificate of completion.*

  • Studio courses taught by working designers to jump-start your journey to becoming a designer.

  • 10 weeks of 100+ hours of class content.

  • Work samples that you can include in your portfolio.

  • A collaborative online studio environment through the Offsite Slack channel.

  • A global studio experience with peers from several different countries.

  • Networking, socialization, and relaxation with community game nights, happy hours, and more.

*completion is contingent upon program results evaluated by educators

Explore the Courses

CMF: From Forecasting to Finishes
Taught by Rebecca Goesling
Monday / Wednesday at 5PM CST

Sites: Running on Cargo
Taught by Betuel Benitez
Tuesday / Thursday at 12PM-1PM CST

Form and Human Function
Taught by Mauricio Romano
Monday / Wednesday at 8PM CST

Unblock: How UX opens ID Pathways
Taught by Henry Wu & Hoang Nguyen
Tuesday / Thursday at 6PM - 7:30PM CST

Learn skills needed for the demands of the job.


When do courses begin?
Courses are set to begin September 19, 2022 and will run for 10 weeks.

What will I get upon completion of this course?
Upon completion of this program, you’ll be given a certificate of completion (hooray! 🎉). This certificate represents your completion of the course under the instruction of working industry leaders, and holds the merit that you’ve understood and mastered all elements of the course content.

Why is this all online?
Offsite wants to offer course content that can be accessible to all at an affordable price. Due to our remote learning situation, we’ve cut out all fees bound to location-based learning. This allows you to live in your day-to-day without breaking the bank while still accessing quality design education.

What time will classes take place?
Classes will be held within US time zones only. Recorded content will be readily available, and instructors will coordinate with students on review sessions.

What materials will I need?
  • Laptop (MacBook or PC)
  • Software (Adobe CS, SolidWorks/Rhino/Fusion 360)
  • Digital Tablet (iPad or Wacom Cintiq)
  • Access to presentation software (Keynote, PowerPoint, or Google Slides)
  • Access to a good internet connection
  • Making sure you don't have audio issues
  • Access to a google email account

Have a question?
For additional offsite related inquiries email

© 2022

A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
Our EIN# is 82-1720724

We respect your privacy.

© 2022

A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
Our EIN# is 82-1720724



We respect your privacy.
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