Welcome to the new era of industrial design education.

Offsite is an online program disrupting industrial design education and offers a real world view of the design profession through the instruction of industry leaders


This program is ideal for current design students and professionals aiming to enhance their industrial design skills, covering everything from manufacturing and presentation to object visualization and industry preparation.

Redefine yourself

Offsite Pro is an intensive 10-week program that redefines design education, preparing individuals with an industrial design background, from students to seasoned professionals, to acquire the latest design skills. Guided by 7 industry leaders and a unique mentorship program, students will learn about design in business, sketching for communication, product visualization, and design for manufacturing. Upon completing the 10 weeks, students will be equipped for their next career step, whether it's their first internship or a new job opportunity.

Who you are

You’re looking to boost your knowledge and body of work to achieve the next level of your career.
You’re a student or recent grad looking to expand on your existing skill set.
Have the time and focus to dedicate to your continuing education.
Eager to refresh your portfolio and identity as an industrial designer.


Design & Business

Real World Sketching

9:30AM–11AM CST

Monday & Wednesday
1PM–2:30PM CST
W1- W4
Tues & Thurs

W5 - 10
3-5pm CST




What you get

A certificate of completion.*
5 studio courses taught by working designers to jump-start your journey to becoming a designer.
One-on-one weekly office hours with your instructors.
10 weeks of 100+ hours of course content.
One-on-one partnership with a mentor who works in industry, chosen just for you.
Work samples that you can include in your portfolio.
A collaborative online studio environment through the Offsite Slack.
A global studio experience with peers from around the world.
Networking, socialization, and relaxation with community game nights, happy hours, and more.

*Completion is contingent upon program results evaluated by educators.

Summer 2024

May 15 – June 7

June 14
June 17

August 23


Congratulations on your progress; now it's time to secure your place by registering to Offsite. Before you register:

  • Review all Offsite Student course details.

  • Check course times, course content, and instructor profiles.

  • You need a Gmail email address to proceed. It will be your permanent communication address with us, so please ensure it's a Gmail address as changes won't be allowed.

  • This registration process is only for non-scholarship applicants.


Offsite Scholarship

One of Offsite’s core missions is to expand opportunities for prospective BIPOC students. Offsite offers a range of scholarships to qualified applicants to study and engage in the field of industrial design. While we wish we could offer scholarships to all, please note that these opportunities are limited.

Application requirements:

  • Identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color).
  • Information about your aspirations as a student and a designer.
  • If selected, be subject to an online interview.


This program is meant to uplift struggling designers. This program is meant to help designers who demonstrate financial hardship that would prevent them from paying tuition in full. Those without significant hardship who are simply looking for free tuition will not be considered.


When do courses begin?
Courses are set to begin June 17 2024.

If I’m only interested in 2-3 courses, do I have to take the rest?
You now have the flexibility to choose single or multiple courses from our extensive course catalog. Visit Offsite Plus to explore our range of offerings!

I want to apply for the BIPOC scholarship, but I don't know if I qualify. How do we define BIPOC?
BIPOC stands for "Black, Indigenous, and People of Color," an inclusive term highlighting the distinct struggles and histories of these groups, acknowledging their varied experiences of discrimination compared to each other and to white individuals. It includes people of African, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern descent, and Native American or Indigenous descent from around the world.

Is it feasible to engage in the Offsite program alongside a full-time job, or does it require a commitment beyond an hour each evening?
Offsite offers flexible pacing with Offsite Plus, allowing you to opt for a full schedule or just a few courses based on your availability, with convenient online and recorded sessions for later access.

What will I get upon completion of this course?
Upon completion of this program, you’ll be given a certificate of completion. This certificate represents your completion of the course under the instruction of working industry leaders, and holds the merit that you’ve understood and mastered all elements of the course content.

Why is this all online?
Offsite wants to offer course content that can be accessible to all at an affordable price. Due to our remote learning situation, we’ve cut out all fees bound to location-based learning. This allows you to live in your day-to-day without breaking the bank while still accessing quality design education.

What time will Offsite take place?
Offsite will be held within US time zones only. Recorded content will be readily available, and instructors will coordinate with students on review sessions.

What materials will I need?
  • Laptop (MacBook or PC)
  • Software (Adobe CS, SolidWorks/Rhino/Fusion 360)
  • Digital Tablet (iPad or Wacom Cintiq)
  • Access to presentation software (Keynote, PowerPoint, or Google Slides)
  • Access to a good internet connection
  • Making sure you don't have audio issues

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Terms & Conditions

© AdvancedDesign 2024
A 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization.
EIN# 82-1720724